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truncate spam
Popular control panels allow one-click removal of spam whithout plugins for Wordpress or other blogs. Very easy to do for everybody.

Blog owners have to fight spam comments all the time. Staying clear of annoying content is easy by disabling comments or by deploying plugins such as Askimet or Spambee. But how can a site administrator delete existing comments all together? You might have underestimated the impact of spam or believed captchas and other plugins would protect you. However, spammers found ways around your protection by injecting fake trackbacks and utilizing cheap captcha solving services using bots for spamming. Suddenly, you are faced with thousands of useless comments. This dead data inflates accounts. It may slow down database performance when reaching critical levels. The question is: How to mass remove spam comment in bulk?
People who use control panels for their hosting have an easy way of purging all comments with one click, basically.

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Reciprocal link exchanges have been very popular. Anchor text variations helped search engine popularity and high toplist positions from popular sites increased traffic. There are various toplist and link exchange scripts available like LinkEX. Some hosted solutions like Thunderball and Linkspun promise third-party policed and honest link exchanges. All those solutions have one huge exploit: backlinks to your site can be cloaked, easily.
How does this fraud work? A link partner clicks on your linkEx partnerships to setup a new exchange. After he is done, your link is installed on a cloaked version of his page that will be displayed to your script when it checks for backlink every day. Normal visitors and Google bots will see a different version without your link.

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