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  Beware of seedy Link Buyers
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For many webbies it seems to be like a huge compliment: an agency wants to buy a link from your site and pay several hundred Dollars for your service. No, they don't just ask for their link to be placed on your site. Usually, they require you to publish a page or post on your site with an article they provide. Inside this article they place a link to their website(s). All you need to make sure of is their article will receive a link from your homepage and sitemap.


Sounds good? No it does not. Why? Let me explain. Before Penguin and Panda updates shook adult websites out of search results people would just create their own satellite sites and use them for inbound links to their money portal. Satellites would be used as filters for seedy blackhat linking techniques. When successful satellites would generate traffic and authority for main site as a linking partner. When such methods failed all they needed to do is to remove links to their money site or kill their satellite and no harm would fall upon their main project. Today, Google has caught up to satellites that were just built for outbound links. Their value has been reduced. Now, link builders are looking for established sites to post articles with links. Link juice from old, authoritative websites is their goal. In an initial stage they will place articles geared towards their keywords on your website. So far that would be ok. But that's not where the story ends. They will blast their articles and your site with very questionable methods of spammy link building. Those include forum spam, profile links and other blackhat SEO methods with xRumer and Scrapebox. Your site and their links will gain traffic for days and maybe weeks, but at the end Google and Co. will catch up and de-value your website for webspam. As a result one can lose substantial parts of search traffic and be penalized for building artificial links. On various boards adult webmasters have reported warning messages from Google's Webmaster Central and in some cases total de-indexing from search results. Is it worth it?

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Comment from: Follemos [Visitor]
Most SEO companies do linkbuilding as described in this article. If you accept this kind of requests too frequently, google algorithm could penalize your site.
06/04/14 @ 06:15

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