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About a year ago Megamasters started to create a ranking system for adult sites. For keyphrases with monthly search volumes between 2k to of up to 100k hits it would take 2 months to start ranking and another month to rank on top. With little maintenance results remained on top, firmly.

Does performing search engine optimization for adult sites require special skills that are different from mainstream marketing? Looking at search results for the terms adult seo it seems to be far easier to score with mature content and free porn clips than it is with competitive mainstream niches like "weight loss", "car insurance" and self improvement advice. Exact match domains and explicit anchor texts still work better than spun texts and other shady techniques that are sold for monthly subscription fees. Pretty easy. I have been thinking about offering adult seo services myself, but have shyed away from it, because everybody with a little bit of common sense can do it by themselves, basically. But: there is still a growing market for adult seo. Let's find out: Why?


Many buyers are newbies who have no clue what they are doing. They just want to make a porn site because they heard there is so much money to be made. Most of them have failed at building successful mainstream sites and look at porn as a last resort. They enter the arena without proper research and start buying hosted tubes or babe blogs. Most newbies start to get some traffic quickly, but find it hard to monetize free content. Why would people pay for beer when it's free next door. Little do they know about picking a lucrative niche.

What do Adult SEO companies do?
Adult SEO companies help such guys to spend money on their services offering nominal results by increasing visibility in search engines like Bing and Google. Most of them are spam comments, forum blasts, community profiles and similar. As a short term result SERPs for keywords grow from from position 81 to 27, others from nowhere to 49 and so on. You can read the fantastic results on various webmaster boards as testimonials. Other, more sophisticated offers sell links on blogs they control, so called private blog networks. That works better and increases your 27 rank to 14 and your 49 rank to 19. Customers pay several hundred Dollars for that and are proud of the success. Well, after a couple of days and weeks results fall back. Why? The same offer was sold to other webmasters and search engines detected patterns that were flagged as spam. Links are devalued and ranks are lost.

Monthly fees of 300 to 1200 US$ are requested for several months of contract. The results are pretty poor in my book. Most of them utilize a small amount of websites with contextual blog links and some spam that is resold from so called "black hat" market places where they are bought for as little as 2 US$. Good profit.

Game changer: DIY Adult SEO
The most important mistake those providers and their customers make is simple: They are working to rank an existing, old property that has already failed. Additionally, they don't understand how search engines work. Ok, I did a little test on my own and compared my results from various companies to my own method that would be based on common sense.

My method included building several new sites with content representing a good average amount of images and text on a normal blog. After about 1 month of content building I would start promoting the site either by buying links from adult seo companies for a fee on one side and comparing this to my own method. That was one year ago. For spending a couple of hundred bugs a month on each month they managed to rank my sites at an average position of 50 to 80. Serps were rather jumpy and never steady.

The DIY method generated very stable results after 2 months each. Most of them ranked on first page where they remained with further content building. The effort in time would be 2 hours per months. It's very easy to replicate for various niches, depending on difficulty and kind of content. Unlike what SEO providers tell you, it is not possible to rank everything in the same way. Search engines deploy filters and algorithms that make a difference between a brand name, location, generic key phrase and a celebrity to name a few examples.

DIY SEO is still a great resource for success for every smart webmaster. Start learning and replicate what works. Of course: you need to be willing to invest in field tests to see what works and what not. Patience and common sense are required. Good luck.

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A second example: Initial content building creates some visibilty that falls off once nobody replicates or links to a property. Increasing content building and receiving backlinks creates a steady drive to top positions. All using common sense as a concept for achievement.

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Comment from: Ronald Tepiras [Visitor]
Finding good SEO companies is difficult enough. There is no need to pick "adult" companies over regular. They are scams just like "adult hosting" companies. Why pay a premium for the word "adult" It is nothing but bad marketing.
05/18/17 @ 14:34

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