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MindGeek: The Tech Firm Behind The Biggest Names In Adult Content

As adults, most of us are not oblivious to the fact that adult contents are plenty on the net. Many people enjoy watching them, and for some, it even becomes a routine. There are so many types of adult content available that you can think of. You name it, and it’s probably there somewhere.

With so much pornographic content at a button’s reach away, it’s only natural to wonder who makes and markets them! There are so many online outlets where these kinds of adult contents are easily viewable. Are they all owned and managed by one giant? How do they work? Who owns these contents? Everyone must have had these questions at some point in their life. So in this article, we’ll try to answer them in the best way we can! 

What is MindGeek?

Formerly known as Manwin, MindGeek is a Canadian company focused on pornography. It is privately held and registered in Luxembourg, but it operates from Canada. On the surface, MindGeek is all about Web Design, IT, and Web Development, but on closer scrutiny, it is a porn mogul. This pornography giant is very successful in its field, having over more than five international offices. 

Many people think that MindGeek is not just a porn company. They believe that it is one of the largest and most successful pornography companies that operate today! The success is visible from the fact that MindGeek operates many of the popular websites that host such pornographic content. In a nutshell, they have a monopoly over online pornography.

Some of the sites MindGeek operates (you may have heard of them)

Being a porn mogul, it’s only natural for them to own and operate multiple platforms. MindGeek has many subsidiaries under its belt, which is partly the reason for its success. Some of the well-known sites operated by MindGeek are sites such as Redtube, Pornhub, PornMD, YouPorn, Brazzers,, and many others. 

Because MindGeek manages so many sites, the traffic it creates is huge. The traffic created is so much more than that of Twitter, Amazon, or even Facebook. This goes on to show just how porn is a niche on the internet right now! MindGeek saw this opportunity and made the most of it. Today, MindGeek is likely in the top 3 companies in terms of total bandwidth consumed in the world! 

The Start of MindGeek

MindGeek was never a porn giant when it initially started. Founded in 2004, MindGeek wasn’t as successful as it is today. Their rise to fame was partially due to the crash that occurred in the porn business. The crash affected the porn industry adversely, especially around the late 2000s and early 2010s. 

During the crash that rocked the porn business upside down, MindGeek went on a buying spree. From around the year 2009 up to 2015, MindGeek bought many of their subsidiaries that they own today at dirt cheap rates. The porn websites were cheap because of the crash, and this is how MindGeek was able to buy and manage many of the porn websites.

What it’s like at MindGeek

There are many testimonials of MindGeek employees on the net. Almost all of the people who work or worked at MindGeek have something good to say. Most of them rave about the healthcare benefits offered to them, the job security, and above all, the work environment, which is very chill and relaxing! Many employees also value the work and life balance they enjoy along with other perks like a gym, free breakfast, and other incentives. 

Crowing The King

It is clear by now that MindGeek is no ordinary porn company. This Canadian porn giant is undoubtedly one of top tier porn companies out there today. Owning so many well-known porn websites is what makes this company a force to be reckoned with in the porn business.

In short, whatever content people stream on popular sites like RedTube or Pornhub are all owned and managed by MindGeek! MindGeek was successful in turning the porn crash of the early 2000s into a fortune today! …

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