Adult Pinboards

Mainstream marketeers recommend promoting products on, a portal allowing users to stick images from websites onto a virtual pinboard. Along with those pins posters are able to select tags, add informative text and enclose links back to the source page of pinned image. Pin boards also exist for adult content, the most famous being What’s the scoop on marketing porn niches via pin boards? Basically, it’s nothing but spam similar to social bookmarking sites. Without prejudice towards spammers it can work well for those who operate in small niches while using common sense.

Backlinks from pin boards add “natural looking” juice as long as done in moderation. It helps to be the dominant force in your niche. Pin backlinks don’t have much power in terms of SEO, but they add a little bit of juice and traffic to your landing pages and blogs. The big questions is: can pin boards be as successful as mainstream pinterest-style portals for adult traffic? The answer is: No, for two reasons.

Looking at demographics and visitor behavior it’s evident, mainstream pin boards are mainly driven by female users who find this presentation informative and engaging. Women do pin, re-pin and comment, frequently. That’s why pinterest is very popular for fashion, self improvement and other household related topics. Pins with a new pair of trendy shoes or dress receive thousands of likes and repins within hours. Males respond with much less enthusiasm. A picture of a busty bikini model or the new BMW convertible are liked much less, publicly. Analyzing larger sex pin boards it’s becoming more evident. Most pins don’t get re-pinned at all. The top amount of likes and re-pins does not exceed the count of 20 or 30.

The second reason is probably the poor quality of adult pin boards. They look more like bin boards with lots of duplicate content, spam, malware links, annoying and intrusive advertising like triple pop-unders. Webmasters run their sites like skim TGPs or sblogs, but this low-maintenance approach just does not work anymore.

While sex-pinning might not be the big sensation, today, it might become more valuable in the future. Pinning in moderation and establishing a presence inside your niche represents value and opportunity. Maybe, running a pinboard site will pay well in the future. But there is a pitfall: as mentioned pinboards are abused by spammers and who knows how much effort it takes to moderate and curate content. After all any webmaster would want to prevent his pin board turn into a binboard.

Here is a list of current adult pinboards:

  • (the biggest pinboard. Recently, merged with snatchly)
  • (own items show up in categories, only – not on homepage)
  • (good, activation code sent right away. More unique than others)
  • (email verification can take awhile)
  • (email verification needed, takes time? The site looks broken as it’s not possible to add new pins)
  • (Only bikini style) Nice one.
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