Adult Subreddits: Fun Traffic Sources

reddit adult traffic source

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the planet with tons of subreddits for everyone. If you want to see something online, this is probably the place to go to. That includes NSFW(Not Safe For Work) adult subreddits for people who are looking for some erotic contents.

Below we’ve compiled some of the best adult subreddits you will find if you are ever in search of some adult content. However, these can also be great places to generate traffic to your website that might share a common niche or sub niche.

  • r/PetiteGoneWild

If you’re one of those people who prefer petite women, you’re going to love this subreddit! r/PetiteGoneWild features tons of girls that show off their petite frame on camera just for you. You can expect to see a lot of teaser shots of women with perfect physiques and small breasts. However you will not see a lot of sex happening, but it’s surely a nice page to visit if you’re all about leaving stuff to your imagination.

  • r/SexyButNotPorn

r/SexyButNotPorn just might be what you’re looking for if you love artistic and well-composed pictures of sexy women. It contains sexy and erotic pictures of women, which is supposedly not porn. The description of the sub also comes with a warning that says you’ll be banned if you question, “how is this not porn?” 

  • r/realgirls

r/realgirls is hands down the most popular and the best amateur adult sub on Reddit. The moderators on this page like to stick by a rule, which is; real girls only. This means that you won’t find any professional adult stars and cam girls posting on this sub. The submissions are thoroughly checked and verified to ensure that it’s authentic, safe, and free from revenge porn.

  • r/milf

MILF, as many of you already know, stands for Mom I’d Like To Fuck. And this subreddit celebrates older women better than any other website can. Like most adult NSFW subreddits, the users themselves submit the content on r/milf making the amateur entries much more exciting. The MILF you see on this page just might turn out to be your sexy next-door neighbor. 


If watching older women is not your taste, then you might like this next adult subreddit on our list. r/legalteens is an NSFW subreddit dedicated for pictures and videos of young sexy girls that are barely legal to be naked on camera. This NSFW sub features the content of both users and professional porn stars.


Have you ever seen how well-endowed women make their boobies bounce by lifting off their shirt or bra? This is what r/tittydrop is all about. This sub contains clips of both users and professional stars freeing their boobs and dropping them for that extra bounce.

If you think titties are man’s best friend, you will absolutely love this sub without a doubt.

  • r/HappyEmbarrasedGirls

Judging by the name, r/HappyEmbarrasedGirls doesn’t really sound like it should be on this list. But that’s not the case. This sub is about as NSFW as subreddits can be. It is about girls getting caught while they’re naked and not being too upset about it. In fact, most girls actually seem happy to be caught.

With a little bit of everything, this subreddit is a lot more wholesome than many of you might think. Most users even post their own photos, which just goes to show how happy they are. 

  • r/ginger

Gingers are actually pretty hot, and if you do some research, you’ll find that there’s a huge fandom for women with red hair. This adult subreddit specially caters to that group of people that are crazy about gingers.

You will find pictures and clips of both fully dressed and fully naked red-haired women. Besides the usual red hair lovers, other users will also start to appreciate gingers once they visit r/ginger.